This is what radiant women say

Some people think that taking part in an online class is impersonal or a bit cold, some even think that a lot of energy and information are lost in the way. However, it is not like that at all! at least in my case. The courses and webinars of the online school zairalealyoga are packed with warmth, closeness and a true personal touch. Read the following testimonies and you will see what I mean:

Last Spring took place the first edition of Radiant Woman Online, my virtual course designed exclusively for women. It was a total success!

“Radiant Woman has made me embrace myself again, embarace all women in my personal circle and the world in general”. Jezabel C.

“In my case, Radiant Woman has been an awakening… I only regret having done it so late in my life, I wish that when I was small someone in my life could have showed me my capacities and power the way this course has done it” Angels A. 

Learning online is a great option for those who want to connect with a teacher or with a channel of wisdom that is out of our reach in an in-person format. take a look at the catalog of upcoming courses and events.

Aham Prema – May we be love

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