To be conscious is not the same as to be aware

How many times have you probably heard something like “be aware or you might hurt yourself” (or fall or burn the food)? Since we were children we have heard this same old story. Wouldn´t it have been better something like “pay attention or your life might go to waste”? Below, a great remedy for modern life´s neurosis, fears, stress, lack of motivation, addictions or unhappiness.

The state of mindfulness helps you to be present, aware of what is going on in this moment, here and now, but is not the “medicine” that I was talking about. Thanks to the state of mindfulness you can observe, think or reflect about what your body and heart-mind are doing. You go to yoga class and the teacher guides your awareness to one part of the body or another in a way that you stay centered throughout the whole session. It is a good exercise for your mind because it allows you to start taking its reins and learn how to guide it.

However, there is a dimension of experience that goes beyond: being Conscious. It means that in addition to being aware, you are in Consciousness, connected to the supreme energy that flows through you all the time. No longer there are words, nor thoughts or sensations, you simply are, big time, and you start transmuting your mind´s conditionings. When you are conscious,  space & time blur, the things that you do become more meditative and you connect with the luminous essence that you are authentically.

Being aware is like tuning the dials, being Conscious places you in the channel of connection with the infinity of experience. You don´t think about it, not even think about hows or whys, you just open to its flow. If you are only aware, you run into the danger of living in the mind, this is why I encourage you to take the huge leap towards being Consciousness.

Meditate, love and celebrate

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