You have probably heard this word or you might have an acquaintance that has decided to adopt this way of eating and living, but what is veganism really? Is it a new commercial trend? 

Neither the concept nor the term “vegan-” are new. Even though right now it has an incredible presence in media, there are archeological evidences from more than two thousand years ago telling us that there were people that chose to not eat animal flesh. An interesting example is the Greek philosopher Pythagoras who, in the VI century b.C. already fostered a way of eating that was benevolent towards animals.

Modern western veganism was propelled by Donald Watson, a British gentleman that lead a committee to protect milk cows in the 40´s. He came up with the word “vegan” to refer to a vegetarian diet that excluded dairy and eggs.

Interesting, right? In the LIVE on Tuesday 9th at 15:00 I will speak about plant based diets, why it is a super option for personal and planetary health and how to follow it correctly.

Join the LIVE through facebook or instagram, I will be there with the screens open. See you online!

aham prema – may we be love

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