Way better than a valium

Yoga gives us tools that are a lot more effective, lasting and healthier than pharmaceuticals. One of them is conscious breathing, a dear student said the other day that it is “Way better than a valium!”. Lets look at why…

Diazepam or valium is often times prescribed as a drug that eases anxiety, tension and sleeping disorders. I have never taken it, but it seems to make you feel as if you were in a cloud far away from the problems that worry you so much. Besides the fact that I am pretty much against pills and that this kind of drugs come with a huge list of harmful side effects, conscious breathing is a lot more effective because: 

It is available at your hands reach, or better said, at your nose´s reach all the time.

It doesn´t cloud your senses, it awakens you, and it brings you to a very relaxed state of being fully awake.

Its calming effect is real and long lasting, it doesn´t cause the down feeling that often times comes when the effect of a pill is over.

It empowers you since it makes you see that you can transform your life without external “helpers”.

Purifies and oxygenates without leaving toxic residues in your body-mind.

In order to breath consciously:

Bring your attention to the air that comes in and out. Start breathing more deeply and gently. After a few minutes you will notice how your body and mind start to relax. Sometimes it seems as if the tensions that paralyze you like a straitjacket were loosening up.

Then, remain focused on the center of your chest and start breathing in and out that area. You will feel how your awareness settles in a state of full presence. Those who practice conscious breathing coincide in saying that this step brings sensations of calmness, peace, tranquility or inner silence.

After a few minutes, what was unsettling, stops being so horrible and you can experience that no matter what happens, everything is well in your world.


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