What does it mean “to be yourself”?

How many “I”s live within myself? And who are they? Yoga knows that it is very important to ask ourselves these questions if we want to evolve as conscious, mature and universal human beings. By many “I”s I am not referring to multiple personalities, but to all those behaviors and psychological traits that live within ourselves.

They work as fiction characters that we have interpreted at different times throughout our lives or even in past lives. All of them have left memories that condition the way we relate to life and many of them take shape in early childhood. Let´s take a simple example: a child whose parents were immature or incapable of caring for the baby will develop a sense of insecurity unless he/she does a deep transformation inside. All personal characters, like the one of the insecure child, need to be revised and transformed in order for us to be able to really “be oneself”, to really be the “I” with capital letters, the huge I AM.

Yoga psychology is a path of introspection that allows us to be ourselves in a very authentic manner, beyond the characters that are constantly ruling over our lives.

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aham prema – we are love


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