You don´t have time to cook? Read!

Do you think that you don´t have time to cook? Find it, because it is of vital importance that we take out the apron, pots and wooden spoon! In my consultation sessions, the clients and I talk about the impact that getting into the kitchen has on your health. I often encounter very interesting reactions among people, I am sure that you will love to read about them. 

Many comment that they don´t have time. Yes, it is true that cooking takes time and that many days is the last thing that we feel like doing, but all those are minutes of life that you spend taking care of yourself and your loved ones. A meal prepared with care gets filled with nutrients, positive energy and love. Planning well your menus can save a lot of time and this is why I recommend that you create a weekly plan so you only have to go shopping once or twice per week and you can cook in a more balanced and organized way.

Other people say that it is difficult and that they don´t know where to start. Everything is difficult when you have never done it. Didn´t  you feel like fish out of water the first time you went to yoga class? Start with simple recipes. Yoga en la cocina offers many of those. And never give up, your culinary mastery will improve and I can assure you that if you cook with the right attitude, your meals will be full of Light from the first bite.

Then, there are the ones that hate cooking. This reaction fascinates me because when we go deeper into the conversation, we realize that what we hate is not cooking in itself, but the memories that are attached to the act of cooking: “my mother used to cook being really tired, she never had a minute of rest”, “mom and dad came back from work really late and they could only manage to fix something quick on the plate”. When we become aware of this, we have the opportunity to transform the memories that link cooking to painful old patterns.

Vital benefits of getting into your kitchen: is a lot cheaper than eating out, food is more easily digested, you choose the quality of the ingredients and take responsibility of your body-mind-soul health. On top of that, it is an act of love towards yourself and towards life.

“Cooking is alchemy of love” Guy de Maupassant

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