Your healing hands

What I am going to tell you today might be shocking and I am sure that will make you look at yourself and life differently. It might even make you come less to class or set fewer consultations with me, but what is most important to me is that everyone knows that  the power to heal, restore and become free is inside of you. You have the power of self-healing and nobody else can do that better than yourself.

In my mother´s library there was a fascinating book with a lot of illustrations of the energetic body and the channels of Light. I have always loved to contemplate those images and from time to time I look at them and integrate their wisdom even more. The author described the healing power inherent in every human being and wrote about the hands as the channels that we use to transmit that healing force into the environment. It is not different from the intention poured in the yogic path since everything that we do in tantra yoga and ayurveda is directed towards the awakening of the body-mind-heart´s natural capacity to regenerate and recover the rich complexity of its tissues.

4 steps to awaken your healing hands: 

First, create the intention to awaken who you are in essence: a precious Being that has chosen to incarnate in an specific physical body in order to fulfill with its personal and universal evolution.

Second, visualize and feel your body-mind-heart as a body of Light where the most beautiful and loving energy that you can imagine flows freely.

Third, breathe gently, consciously and allow that the vibratory energy that creates and sustains all forms of life flows through you (and not only through your hands). Allow it to radiate Light through every pore of your skin.

Last, guide that energy to the areas that you feel out of balance. You can place your hands directly over one specific part of your body and maintain the attention in the visualization and the feeling created by it.

Remember: “I am Light, Wisdom and Love”

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