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Radiant Living – March 2020 ➜

Wellness program for a life in harmony – 28 & 29 March, 2020

This year, focused on the “detox” purification process

Radiant Woman – May 2020 ➜

Awakening the power of the inner feminine – 9 & 10 May, 2020

Ayurveda and Yoga for the health of the body-mind-soul of women

The art of teaching yoga ➜

The Art of Teaching Yoga – 30/6 to 5/7


Created for yoga teachers that wish to enrich their didactic skills.

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Momento Oasis – On Line ➜

12 meditaciones para descargar – ¡ON LINE! Donde y cuando quieras

Un programa de doce meditaciones guiadas para una vida de celebración consciente. Puedes escucharlas en cualquier momento, ¡están On Line!

I am here to help you ➜

Zaira Leal, yoga teacher, author, health and ayurvedic wellness coach.

Hola! Welcome to my sacred space.

This is where I share with you my interest in your wellness and the awakening of your body-mind-soul. My role is to help you restore the natural balance that will fill your life with meaning, happiness and peace. You deserve it!