2020, a full stop

Entering in this new decade is really a cosmic full stop. We have the opportunity to come into a new vibrational space, but the change is not going to be easy, nor quiet. Ahead of us there are months of great global intensity and this is why it is more important than ever to maintain the right focus. It will allow us to transition more softly. In this post I share with you the way to do it.

2020 is a year of great transformation at all levels. Trascendental changes in the way we understand and use power, not only from a material perspective, but also from a spiritual point of view. The process is going to be stormy, but the new year brings a promise of personal and collective rebirth, a delivery of more harmonious and inspired solutions for the global community. 2020 means a breaking with the old in order to enter a new evolutionary cycle in which the focus is going to be on Consciousness, on the awakening of a new culture. Super exciting, don´t you think?

Some time ago I wrote about imaginal cells, the caterpillar cells that hold the information of being a butterfly. They activate and guide the process of transmutation that allows the caterpillar to become a majestic butterfly. When we are in the caterpillar state, like now, we can´t even imagine what we will be transforming into, and it is better to not even try because if we start projecting from the mind how our next phase is going to be, we run the risk of doing it from old patterns. Right now it is really important to trust and let go because all you know is about to change. The least resistance to the change, the better. Relax and allow your cells to soften and become more receptive to the high vibration that we are evolving towards. The caterpillar spends some time within the chrysalis, well, your chrysalis is going to be the practice of conscious relaxation and meditation. Breath, relax and set go, those imaginal cells are also within us, they are tiny packets with the information about what we are becoming: precious beings of Light that are fully conscious of their nature.

This year´s essential sadhana is breathing, remaining relaxed and, throughout the day, keep reminding ourselves that “I am Light, Wisdom and Love”. No matter what we see or hear, whatever happens, may we tell ourselves “I am Consciousness”. At the end of this process, the 2020 December 21st´s solstice will bring the new sunrise, the beginning of the developing  of the humanity´s new paradigm.

aham prema

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