Awaken the power of your back body

Do you ever think about your back when you walk forward? Probably not, because the common habit is to fix our gaze ahead of us and stay focused on arriving to our chosen destination. However, yoga pays a lot of attention to what happens in the back body because it opens the connection with our universal self. How to awaken its sensitivity and relate with the area that we never see with our physical eyes is the theme of the day. 

The front body is the reflection that you see in the mirror. Associated with the personality, with the individual self, the ego and the mundane identity of your body-mind-heart. Most of the time we live in this aspect of being, which is great and fascinating, but that is only a small portion of the deep process of awakening consciousness. Yoga teaches us that we are not only a personality and it invites us to adventure ourselves in the discovery of this broader and eternal version of who we are. Well, becoming aware of the back body during the practice on the mat and while you move in your everyday life is a very useful tool for reconnecting with your universal self in a very tangible way. And believe me when I say that we all need simple, accessible and worldly tools in order to advance rooted and safe throughout the inner path.

Allow the breath to increase your sensitivity: pause and breathe with the back of your ribs, the inhale expands the posterior diaphragm and widens the back. The exhale will bring a descending sense of relaxation from the head to the heels.

Move around thinking about inflating the back first: use the simple actions of your body to fill up backwards and circumferentially. When you bring one arm forward to reach and get your tea mug, think about getting big in the back first.

Including your back body softens your attitude and relaxes the focus, broadening your vital experience. Initiate the dialogue and the integration between your personal and universal self. Brilliant!

On Tuesday July 2nd I will guide a special meditation in the group Spiritual Lifestyle. See you there at 15:20.

Aham Prema

Photo by Aiony Haust on Unsplash

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