May we start on the right foot

In September I tend to feel as a baby taking her first steps or like the times when I travel to a new country. Certain insecurity, my sense organs quite open and a huge desire of doing the best I can, absorbing every bit of experience. This is why, before getting fully immersed in the work and life cycle, I would like to share with you the tools that will help you start on the right foot and remain that way!

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My “exhale” moment

Yes, my moment to exhale, release, to not-do and completely regenerate my body-mind-heart  has arrived. It will be hard to be away because I am going to miss you a lot, but I am going to follow the sign at the photo and say farewell to social media and the digital communications until September.

I hope that you too have a wonderful time for resting this summer, for sure that you deserve it as much or more that I do. Every day remember that you are Light, Wisdom and Love and don´t forget to enjoy and celebrate every second of your precious life.

Gratitude from my heart to yours for being part of my tribe, for your interest in the path of awakening and for the kindness with which you receive these emails every week.

Happy summer break!!

aham prema – we are love

Photo by Dave Court on Unsplash

Your I angel

In a very special book titled Bhagavad Gita, Krishna, who is the representation of the divine itself, recommends his dear friend Arjuna to choose carefully his object of meditation because what we make the focus of our contemplation sets the direction of the path along which we will be walking. Even more, Krishna says that we become what we meditate on. This is why one of my favorite meditations is the “I Angel” one.
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Your best teacher, the practice that most irritates you

Jai Jai Gurudev!! July´s full moon is coming soon and it is one of my favorites because it brings us the opportunity of thanking the presence of our teachers, of all those beings that, through life, teach us and who have helped us in becoming more evolved. This year my special gratitude goes to all the practices that have presented big challenges. Down below you will find my latest article for Yoga en Red, the magazine with which I collaborate on a monthly basis.
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