Give your body a break

The holidays are over, it was full moon last night and it is time to give your body a break. In this post I encourage you to do a non-fasting cleanse. You can start TODAY and it doesn´t require any preparation, special products or anything that your don´t already have in your home. It only requires that you stop eating certain foods that have been quite present in your day to day during the last month.  Continue reading “Give your body a break”

2020, a full stop

Entering in this new decade is really a cosmic full stop. We have the opportunity to come into a new vibrational space, but the change is not going to be easy, nor quiet. Ahead of us there are months of great global intensity and this is why it is more important than ever to maintain the right focus. It will allow us to transition more softly. In this post I share with you the way to do it.
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Merry Holidays!

“Love is the practice above all practices”. This is how categorical Krishna is when he explains it to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. During the coming holidays probably your routines will change, you will eat more than you should, succumb to indulgence and forget a little about your mat. It doesn´t matter, just remember that you can choose to love in any given moment.
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Stop! to unconscious consumerism

The Holidays are here and with it comes the hypnotic spell that makes us buy without a reason, without stopping to think about the objects that we are about to introduce in our lives. We hardly question the why. We live influenced by a “It is Christmas, I must go shopping!” Today´s post offers three ways of saying Stop! to unconscious consumerism and start making gifts that are full of sense.  Continue reading “Stop! to unconscious consumerism”