o sole mio!

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s the sun good or bad? Can I sun bathe? What kind of sunscreen should I use? We humans need its light in order to be happy. It is the vivifier, agent of life for our planet, but too much of it under the wrong circumstances might hold negative health risks. This post offers simple recommendations for healthy sun exposure. Continue reading “o sole mio!”

business´syndrome – síndrome del súper ocupado


f you answer yes to 2 of the following questions, you are probably suffering from what I call the business´syndrome.

Do you have a work schedule or are you “on call” 24 hours a day?

Do you get anxious while waiting for the green light?

Do you mentally multitask when you are in the presence of your loved ones?

Do you feel guilty on the “doing nothing day”?

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injury as an asset – lesión como ventaja

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y intention is first and foremost to keep the yogins safe and happy but today I write about how to change your vision and turn your own injuries into advantages for teaching.

One of my students and future yoga teacher came to class the other day quite concerned. Apparently she had been going to a studio where postural alignment is not as relevant as in my style of teaching and she had hurt her shoulder. Her fear wasn´t only about the shoulder itself, she also asked me Continue reading “injury as an asset – lesión como ventaja”

Yoga for the inflexible – Yoga para los inflexibles

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ften times people tell me that they don´t practice yoga because they are inflexible. I love that! it is like telling me that they reject an invitation to a fine dinner because they are starving…

If you can not touch your toes when bending forward,

If you can not sit on the floor crossed legged and stand up on your own,

If you are feeling stiff, tired or old,

Then yoga is for you!!

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