Destiny or random chance? (part 1)


One of the things that I like the most is questions. This post is the answer to the following “Could you write about karma and lila? Is there a pre-fixed destiny?” Very interesting subject nowadays but let´s take it easy. First, we must give a definition to each thing.

According to the Yoga traditions, our soul is eternal. It has existed since the beginnings of time and it has assumed different forms throughout. Its existence is cyclical because it follows the eternal process of birth-life-death-rebirth and this process happens according to the law of cause and effect. Now is when the word karma comes into the picture. Karma means action and we tend to use this word referring to all the actions and effects that our Self has experienced until now. Each of those actions is a seed that has the possibility of maturing (or not) depending of the circumstances that surround it. Within this context, we are talking about the past in its broader sense: it includes the life that we are enjoying in this very moment as well as all our past lives (remember that reincarnation lies at the philosophical foundation of Indian spirituality).

Lila is the divine play and it also influences our destiny. I might say that it is the element in life that creates a sudden change, that creates a shift in our personal story or a quantum leap in our evolution.

Let´s consider a simple example. Let´s say that you have a lifetime friend that you have not seen in a really long time. You used to live in the same neighborhood, you went to schools that were really close to each other, later on you happened to meet in college, etc. After that your paths took different roads and for many years each one of you had her own life going on. But all of the sudden, your friend was browsing different social networks with no intention of looking for you and your profile popped up in her screen. Surprise! She decided to send you a message. Well, all that you had in common is due to your karma, to the past actions of your souls. The specific fact about your profile coming up in her screen of her awareness is lila.

Many things in life happen in such way: karma, karma, karma, karma, LILA, karma, karma. Even that spark of divine play that seems to infuse a radical shift in  your destiny is part of the currents of karma because it is going to generate other consequences as well. However, be aware! this doesn´t mean that the Gods are playing dice with our lives! Sometimes it is not easy to see the relationship between things and the causes that created them. Let´s say that there is a cause for everything, even when some times  seems to be buried in the past.

Our present reality is the result of our personal trajectory and the effects of the collective karma. We are where we are because of all that we have lived until now. At the same time, the future will be the result of our present (and past). It works this way… like it or not. I am talking about a universal law here. Can you do something about it? YES. There is a balance between controlling existence through the understanding and application of the law of cause and effect -karma- and flowing with the mystery of the Supreme -lila-. Many seeds mature  in a way that it is easy to see this process; others do it as if everything was random. the later ones we might call syncronicity. Games of destiny that, for a reason that our mind can not really grasp, fill our lives with mystery and magic.

It is the whole of our actions, the awareness behind them and the intention supporting them what makes some bloom and others not. The key is in learning how the laws of karma work and in not missing the ways of lila.

Yes, there is destiny. When you don´t know how it works you make it unchangeable and fixed but, when you understand the mechanics behind it, it is possible to transform it. Since this post is already long, next week I will be writing about how to transform your past (yes, you can!) and about how to take care of the seeds properly so you can change your future path without relying on random chance.

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Are you tuned in?


Do you remember those old radios with a little wheel that had to be turned in order to sincronize with the chosen broadcasting station? Or the TVs with antennas that had to be adjusted  until they were in the perfect position that allowed a clear image in the screen? It was wonderful to think that there were many waves “floating” in the air and frequencies that could transmit a ton of information, even when we could not see them or listen to them. The reality of the Universe is a lot richer and complex (simple at the same time) than the capacity of our human senses. I am telling you this because we too are receptors of energetic waves that we can´t see. All the stuff that surrounds us and all the things that we do create frequencies that influence our state of being. 

Yoga explains that the Universe is pure Consciousness. Everything and everyone form part of the same infinite field of energy and vibration. When the yogis say “all” they mean exactly that. What we consider good and what we think about as bad, the annoying neighbor or the fast food served everywhere are all part of the Supreme. However, each thing creates different waves and resonates within our Self in a different way. Some make us feel positive and happy, others, negative and depressed. We have a subtle energetic body that works as a receiver of all those various pulsations. We can tune in with things that help us in our evolution or with vibrations that do exactly the opposite.   

Sometimes it is difficult to make the choice, especially when there are so many difficulties in the environment. The following  suggestions can ignite a super positive change in your lives:

  • Tune in…
  1. enjoy some silence time every day
  2. breathe deeply and gently
  3. spend time in natural environments (the more the better)
  4. fill your shopping cart with fresh veggies and fruits of all colours
  5. live here and now
  • Tune out…
  1. newspapers and TV news
  2. unnecessary talking, talking about the state of affairs or gossiping
  3. processed foods, frozen, microwavable or canned
  4. being sedentary (get up from the sofa! it only makes things worse)
  5. constant thinking about the past or the future

Happiness is simple, luminous and light. Move your little antenas and sync with it.

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3 bendiciones del yoga para la salud


¿Sabes que prestando atención a sólo tres cosas en tu vida puedes crear un cambio revolucionario en tu salud y nivel de felicidad? ¿Y sabes que el yoga te educa para saber cómo hacerlo?

Recientemente vi una entrevista muy interesante que se le hacía a un conocido médico tradicional que lleva muchos años incluyendo prácticas alternativas en los tratamientos a sus pacientes. El caso es que enumeraba tres acciones que debemos tomar para influenciar positivamente nuestra calidad de vida. Todas sus recomendaciones se cuentan entre los beneficios del yoga y además, es un número razonable, fácil de recordar y de aplicar.

1. reduce el nivel de estrés: es la causa principal de enfermedad en nuestra sociedad y todos nos vemos afectados, en niveles más altos o más bajos, por sus efectos. Ansiedad, desórdenes del sueño, problemas de corazón, malestares digestivos, irritabilidad o miedo al futuro son algunas de las señales de que vivimos estresados. El yoga nos lleva a recuperar la calma y la alegría porque nos enseña a respirar, a meditar y a dejar partir todo aquello que nos pesa y que nos impide reír y ser felices.

2. mueve tu cuerpo: es importantísimo que movamos el cuerpo si queremos mantenernos sanos. El sedentarismo no sólo atrofia diferentes sistemas fisiológicos (como el muscular o el respiratorio, por ejemplo), sino que impide que la mente se mantenga alerta y abierta a aprender cosas nuevas . El yoga nos enseña a mover nuestro cuerpo de una manera como ninguna otra disciplina lo hace. La práctica de asanas durante una clase de yoga ofrece un ejercicio completo en todos los niveles. Se incrementa la resistencia, la flexibilidad y la fuerza; ponemos nuestro cuerpo en posiciones a las que normalmente no nos sometemos y todo eso nos llena de vitalidad.

3. come conscientemente: la dieta correcta genera cambios radicales. El yoga nos enseña a hacer las elecciones correctas a la hora de decidir qué comer. Ya que el yoga regula el sistema hormonal, acaba con los “antojos” de comidas poco sanas. Además, nos lleva a reconocer qué alimentos albergan más fuerza vital y cuáles están más en sintonía con nuestra constitución cuerpo-mente, con el entorno y con la época del año.

El yoga es una de las herramientas más potentes que tenemos a nuestro alcance. El siguiente paso es que compartas este post con tus amigos, que pruebes una clase y que  así disfrutes de sus bendiciones.

3 yoga blessings for your health


Do you know that paying attention to only three things, you can generate a revolutionary change in your health and level of happiness? And, do you know that Yoga educates you to know how to do it?

Recently, I saw a very interesting interview to a well-known traditional doctor that has been including alternative practices to the treatments given to his patients. He listed three actions we must take in order to positively influence our lifestyle and health. All the recommendations can be found among the benefits of yoga. It is also a reasonable number, easy to remember and to apply.

1. reduce the levels of stress: it is the main cause of disease in our society. Some of us are under its influence more that others but, in general, we all can feel it. Anxiety, sleep disorders, heart problems, digestive discomfort, irritability or fear to the future are some signals telling us that we are stressed. Yoga helps us regain our state of peace and happiness because it teaches us how to breathe, meditate and let go of all that burdens us and stops us from laughing and being joyous.

2. move your body: if we want to stay healthy, it is really important that we move our body. A sedentary life not only damages several functional systems, but it also stops our mind from staying alert and open to learn new things. Yoga teaches us to move our body in a way like no other discipline does. The practice of asanas during the yoga class offers a complete workout at all levels. It increases endurance, flexibility and strength; we put our body in positions that we normally don´t do and we get filled up with vitality.

3. eat consciously: the correct diet brings forth radical changes. Yoga shows us the way to make the right choices when we choose what to eat. Because yoga balances our hormonal system, it stops unhealthy cravings. It also helps us recognize what foods hold more vital force and which ones are more in sync with our mind-body constitution, with our environment and with the season of the year.

Yoga is one of the most potent tools that we have at our reach. The next step is that you share this post with your friends, try a class and enjoy the blessings!

Amnesty 12·12·12

I am writing this post on the magical night of 12·12·12. The following message came to me through a great woman and I found it important to share: “Today and tomorrow are a bridge time unprecedented in the history of the Earth. It is a time of Amnesty, coming from our center of higher intelligence for the dissolution, transformation and evolution of what hurts, what is heavy and what can´t stay the way it is -these are old energetic codes bound to our past karma-.” All this means that we can join a very potent current of liberation taking us to a new stage in our existence. We are very fortunate to be able to be part of it.

In this context, amnesty must be understood as the dissolution of our past conditionings and not of the past itself. Why should we erase it when it has taken us here? It is about letting go of the imprint that the past has left. The concept of liberation in yoga is called moksha. It is the fervent desire for freedom that our soul holds within. Freedom from the ties of karma, from old ways of thinking and acting that make us feel separated, small and non capable of creating a more beautiful world for all.

Until now it was quite normal to look at the “letting go” process as something very emotional and almost dramatic but it is not like that any more. 12·12·12 has brought with it a beautiful tide of energy that takes with it our physical burdens, restructures our mind and lightens the heart. During all my classes today I could feel a gentle and playful flow of Light making the practice easier (even in the most challenging poses).

It is a time to celebrate all the spiritual work that you have been doing and the huge steps that you are taking. Also a time to trust that the conscious choices that you take moment to moment are showing you a new way of living. Visualize yourself free, happy and full of love towards everything. Be infinitely magnificent, here and now, because the time is already here!

Living like gods

When I was a little girl I spent time in different ashrams where the days were lived according to natural law and following the ancient wisdom of Vedic culture. One of the things from that time that stayed with me is the image of Dhanvantari, father of Ayurveda. I was fascinated by its beauty, calmness and also by the big golden pot that he holds in his left hand.

Legend tells that Dhanvantari is the doctor for the gods in India´s mythological pantheon. In the pot he carries the nectar of immortality (amrita, in Sanskrit, the Greek word ambrosia derives from this). His right hand is placed in the gesture of “abhaya”, reminding us that there is nothing to fear because he is always present. Dhanvantari protects us and teaches us how to live like gods and goddesses, enhancing health and wellbeing in body, mind and soul.

This is Ayurveda´s primordial function. Ayurveda means “science or wisdom of life” but today hardly anybody knows how to do that. The levels of stress and illness in our culture have reached alarming rates. People are unhappy and feel the toxicity but very few know the ways to change that. We all miss the time for proper eating, for walking bare feet over the grass or for enjoying the loving company of our dear ones.

Ayurveda´s basic principles are simple, elegant and easy to apply. If we want to live healthy, first we must look for the solutions in our lifestyle habits. Easy things like the time that we get up in the morning can have an incredible impact on how we feel.

Our body-mind-soul system is an intelligent field of energy in perfect union with the cosmos. However, when we don´t live according to the subtleness of Nature, the communication with the Universe gets blocked and there is no access to the nectar of divine health. Ayurveda offers a wonderful -and very effective- alternative to restore and maintain the balance and luminosity of the Self. Dhanvantari´s jar of amrita is always open for us.

In future posts I will write about many secrets of good living. Please leave a comment telling me what are your health concerns and issues so all of them can be addressed!

om shanti