Easy and transformational fasting

Do you know that every day you fast without even realizing it? Most of us associate this natural practice to being hungry, suffering or with denying ourselves the basic need of eating. Today´s ayurtips bring you an easy, as well as transformative, way to fast.

Fasting restores the digestive system and brings great detoxification and regeneration to all tissues. This is why our body is happy when we don´t introduce any food in it during the 12 hours period during the night. There are many fasting techniques, the one that I recommend down below is only one of those and, breathe, it allows you to eat some solids and drink liquids. It lasts 24 hours and you may practice it once per week.


Stimulants (coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol), all sweeteners (sugar, honey, syrups of rice/maple), all artificial and processed foods, fried and packaged foods, refined carbohydrates (flours, pasta, breads, potatoes).


Green smoothies, vegetable or fruit juices (always homemade and cold pressed); digestive teas (cumin, coriander, fennel); room temperature water, abundantly.

Once a day, either for lunch or as an early dinner, eat a bowl of kitchari with vegetables. If you are very hungry, eat one more bowl per day.


The morning ritual, conscious relaxation, meditation, gentle yoga sequences, sleep and rest all you want.

The morning after the 24h fast you will feel a wonderful sense of renewal and transformation. Please do not fall for the chocolate croissant and coffee for breakfast. Stop, breathe and listen to what your cells need.


Fasting is not recommended for:

Undernourished people, underweight beings, children, pregnant women, during the lactation period or during menstruation.

On Tuesday the 16th at 15:00, I will speak with greater detail about this fast and will reveal my favorite recipes. Join the Spiritual Lifestyle group.

aham prema – we are love



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