Is breakfast necessary?

There are many nutritional tendencies that talk about the importance of breakfast. Some say that it is the most important meal of the day, others strongly disagree with that. What does Ayurveda suggest about the first meal of your day?

The word “breakfast” means to cease the time of fasting that we have followed during the night, therefore, it should be a meal that is eaten with attention and at the right time.

Ayurveda recommends that the human body fasts, without eating or drinking anything, during 12 hours every night. If you eat dinner at seven thirty or eight, you shouldn´t eat anything until the same time the following morning.

Currently, this receives the name of “intermittent fasting” and it is an incredible purifying and rejuvenating practice for all your internal organs.

Even though in Ayurveda breakfast is the least abundant meal of all three that we should be eating during the day, it is very important and we should not skip it.

During the LIVE on Tuesday 11th I will share with you my favorite ayurtips for a healthy breakfast and I will highlight the best breakfast according to your constitution.

See you in the Spiritual Lifestyle group at 15:20.

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