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All studies about the mind agree in saying that strengthening our attention and concentration is necessary and beneficial for the current human. You and I know that yoga offers the perfect technique for it, so if you want to know my favourite exercises to become a master of concentration, don´t get distracted and read the post all the way to the end.In 2015 “Time” magazine published an article about the state of our attention and one of fascinating data given was that while a fish can hold its focus during nine seconds, the average human holds it for seven or eight seconds 😖. On the opposite side, there are academics talking about how the way we use our concentration is what has changed and add that it hasn´t decreased, but that it works differently from when we didn´t use intelligent electronic devices.

However, we all should aim to be able to sustain the focus for long periods of time and that is one wonderful consequence of a steady yoga practice. In addition to your ongoing sadhana, I recommend:

Five mind exercises for concentration to do while you work

➵ When you are online and the screen gets full of annoying videos and commercial flashes, breathe and stay centered on what you are reading or doing. (Do not click on them!)

➵ Avoid multitasking, it only strengthens the splitting of our attention. When you are working while you listen to a podcast and there is music playing in the background, your mind fixates on one or on another thing, but not on the three of them at the same time.

➵ If you are doing something and ideas about other stuff pop up in your mind, write them down on a notepad assigned for that purpose and continue with what you were working on in the first place.

➵ Silence the alarms in your mobile so the notifications indicating the incoming messages don´t bring you out of your center continuously.

➵ Pay attention to the good. The brain in designed to see the negative before the positive, it is a survival mechanism. Knowing this, strengthen your concentration by giving more seconds of attention to the good, the pleasant, to what is going well and what you like. This will also enhance high feelings of appreciation, gratitud and joy.

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Photo by Chris Petrow on Unsplash

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