One of my favorite concepts in yoga

We do yoga to live better, healthy in the body and in the mind, with a deeper understanding about things. When we feel better, everything works with more ease and the beings around us benefit from it. It sounds simple and it is, we only have to place our heart in the right place. Nobody´s life is a walk in the park, mine neither, this is why today I share with you the yogic concept that has helped me the most with my personal challenges.

Shraddha, total trust. Trust in the process, in Consciousness, in the evolution of the universe and the Earth that holds us, in something bigger than ourselves.

Lately, I can feel the vibration of a terrible fear, people are terrified, we hardly dare do something out of the ordinary and we have created tiny comfort zones. It is true that the world today is uncertain, it seems that everything has gone crazy, nothing makes sense nor it has common sense and our civilization is destroying the ecosystem at full speed, but it is also true that there is a divine plan much bigger than what our small minds are capable of conceiving. We have been born here and now because these circumstances are what each one of us needs for evolving and strengthening our Light.

Trust, breathe and smile, light always ends up triumphant, the full moon will shine again on the 12th, enjoy it. We we are in the middle of a storm, we don´t know how or when we will come out of it, but being overwhelmed, anguished or rolled over by emotional stress will only take us deeper into the dark. Shraddha gives us wings to fly over all dangers. At those moments when things go uphill, trust is your greater ally. Whenever I feel that way, I put its wings on, breathe with the wind, unfold my feathers and glide with the currents. You can fly this way as well!

aham prema



Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

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