The authentic magic of Nov. 1st is very yogic

Halloween was never my kind of party, despite my inclination to celebrate everything. However, underneath the commercial vibes and the determination of many for awakening evil codes during that night, there are other festivities happening on this date that are indeed full of magic and that are the true origin of what is commonly celebrated as the witches night.

I am talking about the ancient celtic tradition of Samhain and to the ancestral Mexican Day of the Dead, many other cultures celebrate something similar. All of them talk about a gap between planes of existence being opened during the night of October 31st to November 1st. The world of the living ones and the world of the dead ones touch, allowing us to be in contact with those important beings in our personal story that are not here. This year may we remember that our soul is eternal and even when we leave this small physical body that we inhabit, we never cease to exist.

Recently I read a beautiful teaching by Anandamayi Ma, one of the most important yoginis and teachers of the 20th century. A disciple asked her about the distress felt when a dear one dies and she answered “When someone leaves to the room next door, do we weep?” So simple… and nonetheless, because we are attached to living only in the material form, we forget that nobody comes nor goes, we only change vibratory states, for a cosmic while we are incarnated, for a while we only exist in the subtle plane. To be able to coincide in this lifetime with wonderful beings and play the game of incarnation is a gift. When we leave to the room next door we don´t stop being, neither we cease to communicate or to relate to one another, what is more, we are provided with the opportunity of doing it only at the level of the soul. How freeing!

aham prema

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