The best way to enter the new decade

Last week I wrote about the cosmic period that is the beginning of the new decade. Well, the best way of preparing ourselves for it has nothing to do with what you might have done in past years and it will take us to a more conscious living that is way more delightful.

What we tend to do around this time of the year is to create new year´s resolutions, but in most cases they are a burden, so this time I have decided to not create any. There is a yogic reason why I encourage you to try it and to welcome the new cycle free of hidden agendas and plans.

What I suggest is that we stop searching or expecting anything to come and to maintain our focus on BEING Light, Wisdom and Love, enjoying our time and playing with life. Truthfully, we don´t know how events are going to play out in our external lives, what is it that we are going to project out there remains a mystery. Now more than ever because in 2020 we are entering a vibratory space where we have never been before.

Most people come into the new pre-conditioned by how they have lived similar experiences in their past. A job, a relationship, a trip, even something as simple as going to a supermarket in a different neighborhood, we tend to approach it from conditioning patterns. In yoga those repetitive tendencies are called vasanas and they have become fixed in our conducts because many times we have gone through experiences that have left resembling memories –samskaras- in our minds.

Yogins work steadily at observing our personal patterns and transforming the memories, but it is a lifelong task since many seeds are so deeply planted that we can hardly see them. On top of that, we have identified in body and soul with their ramifications on the surface of our lives and that challenges the pulling out of the roots.

At the start of the new cycle, I invite you to not create any resolution. Just play, laugh and have a great time allowing your center of Light, Wisdom and Love to be what manifests the next steps to follow.

Welcome 2020!!! It is so exciting that you are already here!!

aham prema


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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