The strawberry moon is here

North America´s Algonquin tribes named the June´s full moon “strawberry moon” because it marked the best time to harvest wild strawberries. In all ancient traditions of the planet, Ayurveda included, the moon has been linked to the cycles of Nature. On the 17th we will be enjoying it in its full splendor and if you want to take advantage of all its benefits, I share with you some lunar ayurtips that you will love.


This month´s full moon will allow us to lucidly analyze those situations in our lives that need clarity, it will also help us to visualize the direction we want to take and given the fact that it is a moon ruled by Sagitarius, the archer, we should point high and full of optimism.


Cleanse and energize your sacred space. It is time to bring renewal to your altar, if there are objects that shouldn´t be there any more, transform them. If you use crystals or other stones, take them outdoors so they can spend the night under the moon light. If you have palo santo, sage or incense, take them back to nature and get new ones.


Those of you who live by the sea, take a swim under the moonlight. Become like mermaids and mermen, allow your entire body-mind-heart to be reborn coming out of the water. Then sit for a few minutes to meditate.


Couples, hug each other, enter in the space of your sacred intimacy, re-discover each other. The full moon is at its time of fullness, of connection with others and with our dear ones. It might be a good moment to consider in which direction you want your relationship to continue growing: what do you want to do together, what aspects need to undergo transformation or how are you sharing your emotions are good questions to ask now.


Women, may we visualise the full moon within our wombs. Imagine that it shines, that its light illuminates our personal uterus as well as the collective womb of the feminine.

This Tuesday 18th at 15:20 I will be guiding a lunar meditation in the Spiritual Lifestyle group. Join us!

aham prema


Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

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