The women’s room

In a few days, the new moon will be here with us, the phase of the month most favorable for feminine’s menstruation, deep meditation and introspection. It was traditional for women to enjoy a few days of rest and retreat when they were going through their red moon days, there were even specific spaces dedicated to it.

Because we lived in bigger family groups, the menstruating woman was taken care of by the other ones, who cooked and cared for her children and chores while she renewed her body and mind. Ancient Greece’s gyneceum, the biblical tribes’ red tent or the ancestral Persian zenana are some examples of spaces exclusively dedicated to women, to their joined work and their sacred circles.

The subject is tricky because, unfortunately, the original motive to have this kind of spaces was lost and later in history they became places for punishment, isolation and even abuse. It might have been that this terrible distortion emerged as a reaction against the power that women held during menstruation, I don’t know, but what matters to me most is that it would be beautiful if all of us became more aware of the fact that those days are special, that the woman’s vibration is highly transformative at that time and she should be honored and respected during her sleeping moon.

Such change starts in our own households, try doing these three things:

❍  May we dialogue with ourselves and our life partners to make sure that during the next menstruation or during the next new moon we do less and rest more. Living slowly, we can recover the bonds with the Earth.

❍  Spend more time in your sacred space, make it extra comfortable, maybe bring into it one more pillow or another warm blanket, now that we are in Autumn. Light a red candle and enjoy some quiet time in the candle light.

❍  Work on speaking less, only when someone addresses you first, try to not be the one initiating the conversation. Apply this to the dialogue with the cell phone, turn on the screen only at designated moments and with the purpose of answering important messages. This way we will benefit from restorative silence.

Every aspect of a woman’s cycle is sacred.

aham prema

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