Your feelings create reality

Boom! Read this post´s title again, please, it is an absolute yogic bomb: “your feelings create reality” and now take a deep breath. You might have heard similar phrases in New Age circles, but this idea is present in classical tantric philosophy texts that consider the feeling as Shakti herself, incarnated and acting through our body-mind-heart. 

I am going to unravel this fundamental concept: the essence of Shakti, the feminine divinity, is bhavana, which means creative and imaginative contemplation. It´s linguistic root “bhu-” contains the meaning of “becoming” and of “creating”, therefore, bhavana means to hold of a feeling knowing that it creates realities. Holding for a while such contemplation allows consciousness to get dense and become what we understand as matter and it also allows the reabsorption back to the infinite field of Self of all that is created in the form. The higher and more fixed in Consciousness, Love or in the divine, the closest that our reality will be of manifesting that same essence.

In modern phycological terms, bhavana is the feeling, the subjective experience that combines emotion and conceptual thoughts about an emotion felt in the body-mind. Numerous modern masters speak about the law of attraction and about how what we see in our environment is the reflection of what we feel. East and West share one of the keys of evolution: feel good, consciously, and everybody´s lives will shift for good. Taking it a little further, we could say: feel good and you will create heavens of Earth, you will live awake and bliss will be the dominant principle in our shared day-to-day.

How you feel now determines what will manifest in your environment, this is why in yoga we stay focused on cultivating positive elevated feelings, but beyond the personal repercussions of these moods (improved health being one), we should consider their transcendence in the collective and global levels. Imagine an entire town practicing conscious states of bhavana

aham prema



Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

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