Your I angel

In a very special book titled Bhagavad Gita, Krishna, who is the representation of the divine itself, recommends his dear friend Arjuna to choose carefully his object of meditation because what we make the focus of our contemplation sets the direction of the path along which we will be walking. Even more, Krishna says that we become what we meditate on. This is why one of my favorite meditations is the “I Angel” one.

You can also call it Higher self, jivan or Being of Light. Your angelical being is the most evolved version of who you already are. You exist in this form in a higher vibrational plane and even though you don´t perceive it with the sense organs, it´s a reality, only that it happens in higher frequency stages. For a moment, breathe and imagine yourself in the happiest moment of your life…now remember how you felt, the immense joy that filled you in that situation, the sense of lightness, fullness and connection to all, your Consciousness and the wisdom of being divine, completely awake. Well, your I Angel is all of that at all times of the day, all 365 days of the year. Absolutely wonderful!

A great part of my work is dedicated to restoring the dialogue with this aspect of ourselves from which we have become distanced. I deeply enjoy seeing clients and students who can feel again the presence of their Self, which is none other than their universal essence, and start awakening all the cells of their body-mind-hearts to the divinity that they already are.

On Tuesday July 23rd, I will guide the meditation “Your I angel” in the LIVE at 15:20. Join the group Spiritual Lifestyle and enjoy it!

aham prema – we are love

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